FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Digital Signage?

A: Digital Signage is a display (today it can be any TV) connected to a small computer  or media player with network connection. All kinds of information can be displayed on the screen, while the info can be controlled and updated though digital signage system from anywhere in the world.


Q: Is Signage IOT a software or hardware company?

A: We focus on providing hardware and related software for digital signage to provide local user interaction.


Q: RFID – How can it help with local user interaction?

A: RFID tags, stickers can be attached to any item. Let’s say in a wine store every bottle has an RFID sticker, placing the bottle on RFID reader will fire an event in the digital signage system and it will show information about this specific wine, thus providing the customer valuable information and increasing sales.