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  • sanitizer usage counter

    Hand Sanitizer – usage counter


    This controller is plug-and-play into hand sanitizer unit.

    It is plugged-in into USB connector of the main board on one side and a wires from the dispenser plugged-in on the other side (white connector).

    Once someone uses the sanitizer, the dispenser sends a signal to the controller and an event sent to the digital signage application. It can count the events, display a special content and produce usage reports.

    Send request for quantities larger than a few units for discount.

    More info:

  • 6 sensors controller

    Multi-Sensor Controller


    This is a multi sensor controller – easily connects to USB port of any android player or PC.
    Once button/switch is activated, the sensors controller sends an event to the player’s app.

    It includes:

  • Remote receiver

    Remote receiver

    345.00 295.00
  • single-sensor-controller

    Single Sensor Controller

    119.00 99.00